Tuesday, 25 April 2017


This is the Lea Stein penguin brooch.  It is a genuine Lea Stein - not a cheap Chinese import copy.  Lea Stein has been designing since the late 1960s and built up a business that has followers world wide.  Her designs are brilliant. Unfortunately there are companies who cannot be bothered to design pieces themselves and copy other people's work in cheap plastics.  As these are very cheap people buy them without a thought for the effect this has on the people whose designs are copied.  So many companies have gone out of business because of cheap import copies of their work.  I do not want this to happen to Lea Stein - so I urge people not to buy the copies!  Usually you can tell it is a copy because it does not have the Lea Stein Paris logo on the back of the pin.  However I understand some have been seen with this on them.  If you put a genuine Lea Stein next to a copy there is just no comparison!  Anyway love this penguin - and he is the real deal!  ref: 3052 C65/8  Price £65
Lea Stein Brooch - The Penguin - Black MOP & Green