Tuesday, 2 May 2017


I have loved Lea Stein jewellery for many many years.  She and her husband started in the late 1960s making buttons etc.  Her jewellery has - over the years, attracted so many followers.  The Fox has become iconic!  However unfortunately there are so many cheap copies and fakes coming - presumably from the Far East.  I do not think it is acceptable to sell these cheap imitations - especially as they are copyrighted.    Swamping the market with cheap copies often puts companies out of business.  Please do not buy them - even if the price is tempting - it really is not fair!  I am currently doing battle with Amazon - as they have a range of Lea Stein copies at the moment.  Easy to find in Brooches.  If you love Lea Stein please add a review - Amazon do not like a 'hate' review - and please explain why!  The people buying them might love them - but they seem quite unaware that they are copies of someone else's lifetime's

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