Thursday, 4 May 2017


This Czech green glass cicada earrings came out of a shop that shut in 1972.  The shop was opened around 1900.  The then owner used to go to Gablonz to buy jewellery/findings.  According to the family member I am buying the jewellery from, this man was her grandfather and he knew the Neiger brothers and was able to speak the language.  His daughter took over the shop and jewellery was made using the old components bought by the grandfather.  (Apparently the Neiger brothers used to let him have components they no longer wanted).  In 1972 the shop was shut - due to family problems - and the contents stayed in place until the daughter died recently.  I have a large quantity of stock which I am sorting through.  The glues and threads on a lot of pieces have deteriated and will need to be replaced.  Although it is fun sorting through everything that I have bought so far - there is such a lot of work to be done I don't know how I will get through it all.  Luckily this pair of earrings did not need any attention!  Ref: 3057 YL8 Price £65
Czech Green Glass Vintage Cicada Earrings - Lever Back fitting

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