Thursday, 8 December 2016


Lea Stein brooches seems to be the favourites Christmas Presents in my shop at Vintage Modes in Grays Antiques - especially if I have managed to fine some good examples.  I put up a Joan Crawford a couple of days ago and it sold immediately!  It had taken some time for me to get a good photo - and it sold in the shop.  I suppose it is chance - if I have the design/colour that the customer likes.  The hat and cane is the latest one to go on my web site - and I haven't had one for ages.  Reminds me of films like Dancing in the Rain!  Have just put an orange panther in the shop - which certainly stands out.  My favourite is the cicada - which I often wear - and I have one of those too in the shop.

Lea Stein Brooches