Tuesday, 18 October 2016


In my vintage jewellery shop at Grays Antiques in central London I stock any piece of jewellery that I happen to like.  I do not mind if it has a designer's name - famous or not.  I look for good design or quality.  I am totally fascinated with jewellery - and often think - who got up in the morning and designed this?  (Sometimes seriously and sometimes I simply can't imagine who would have wanted too!).  A lot of my British customers are also more concerned with whether they like the piece and would wear it.  However some of my American customers come in asking for certain designers and are puzzled when I say a lot of the jewellery simply is not marked.  (I sell mostly European jewellery).  I am now getting more Chinese visitors who also like a designer's mark on their pieces.  I do wish more European designers had marked their pieces - it would save me so much time trying to research to see if I can discover who made something.  Personally I am not very fond of pieces with a logo that can be seen on the front - such as the famous CC - but it is all a matter of choice.  What do you like???  The piece today is a pair of Ted Lapidus, marine inspired, gold tone clip earrings - price £65 ref: 2996 C42/39  full details on web site - follow the link.Ted Lapidus - marine inspired gold tone clip earrings