Thursday, 13 October 2016


Back to one of my favourites today - the Lea Stein ladybird brooch.  Not my best photo - the red colour is quite even - but cannot get it to look that way!  Round the sides of this particular ladybird are bands of colours - cream, mustard green etc.  These are the various layers of cellulose acetate that go into the making of a Lea Stein brooch.  They are hand made - not reproduction - so everyone is a bit different and they are not 'perfect' like a mass produced item.  The other day I went to a vintage fair and saw lots of Lea Stein copies from China - at £10 each.  In my opinion they are horrid and I would not want to own one - but I specially object to people copying the work of someone like Lea Stein.  She has spent a lifetime developing her brand and designing her jewellery.  It annoys me that another manufacturer cannot be bothered to design their own goods and develop their own brand - just to make money - and I hate it when professional dealers sell these copies!  Ref: 2994 C50/6
Lea stein Brooch - Red Ladybird with Black Spots