Tuesday, 6 September 2016


I sell vintage jewellery at Vintage Modes in Grays Antiques - The Mews.  We are very lucky to have the River Tyburn running through Vintage Modes.  When Bennie Grays was setting up Grays Mews the basement was full of water - which turner out to be the Tyburn.  It still runs through the middle of Grays Mews and attracts a lot of visitors.  We have a small water feature in Vintage Modes - which we really love.  It gives a lovely atmosphere to the shop.  It is populated by a number of very large goldfish!  How lucky I am to have such an interesting base to sell my jewellery and accessories!  #GraysAntiques #GraysMews #GraysAntiquesRiverTyburn #VintageModesRiverTyburn #GillianHorsupRiverTyburn
Vintage Modes & the River Tyburn