Thursday, 18 August 2016


I have a great affection for Yardley's products - remembering them from my childhood.  My mother used some of them.  At the time the cream pots and powder boxes had a bee as a motive.  I still have two cream pots.  Also I lived in London's East End and was very near to the Yardley box factory at Bow Bridge.  It is still there - I believe it is to be redeveloped - but the Lavender Ladies - which are on the outside of the building - are to be preserved.  The factory was a little further away - on the site of the new Olympic Park.  I did a work experience in that area and it was well know for being very smelly!  This powder box has the bee on the front - just as I remembered it - and still has the powder inside.  Full details are on my web site - please see the link.  It also has a leaflet inside showing other Yardley products - that is quite delightful!  Ref: 2973 C46/2

Yardley powder box