Friday, 28 June 2013


This is a really jazzy Lea Stein fox brooch.  The fox was one of Lea Stein's earliest designs but this one is modern.  I just love the pattern.  I have been selling Lea Stein for many years and am always pleased when I get a brooch that I have not had before!  I have had loads of the fox design over the years - but never this pattern.  The colours are great!  It has a couple of areas on the back that are not shiny - but this happens on hand made pieces.  The backs are not always perfect.  Do beware of the brooches that look very similar to Lea Stein that are appearing on the market.  Apart from a few early pieces, Lea Stein brooches are marked on the back - 'Lea Stein Paris'.  Ref: 2448 B113/19 Price £68