Friday, 7 December 2012


Swizzle sticks were used to stir drinks - either to take out some bubbles - or to froth up the drink.  A man would take one out of his pocket and gallantly stir the lady's drink if she did not like to many bubbles!  I just love the beautiful shape of a swizzle stick!  Would look good in an Art Deco bar.  Think Noel Coward!  This one is marked 'silver' but I cannot sell it as Sterling as it does not have a hallmark.  You open it by sliding the bar next to the 'silver' mark - and then shut it to put it in a pocket.  Ref: 2272 B99/1 Price 68. - just one of the interesting items I have in my shop at Grays Antiques in central London.  Please visit for a good selection of vintage costume jewellery, compacts, bags and other items - including some for the bar!