Wednesday, 6 June 2012


This wonderful glass flowers necklace is probably Czech - made in the Art Deco period. As I can't find these necklaces documented anywhere I can only guess. It is rather wonderful. The blue in the picture is not quite accurate - it is more the muted colour of bluebells. Each glass flower bead has a brass wire embedded in the glass. This forms a loop to thread the beads on. I have never had one with so many beads on it. Price £120. Ref: 2114 B71/14. If you get an opportunity to visit my shop at Grays Antiques in central London, I would love to see you. You can see me on Facebook - gillian horsup vintage jewellery - and my web site is click here to take a look! I always have a good selection of necklaces in the shop. (full details of how to get to the shop - and where I am in Grays - are on the web site!