Thursday, 17 May 2012


I love rings and usually have plenty in the shop. I do not sell precious jewellery so these are usually silver or some sort of plastic. I am very fond of bakelite, celluloid, lucite and more modern plastics. I also like 20th century silver rings. Some of the Czech rings with glass stones are particularly beautiful and I always buy them when I can. I do not sell engagement or weddings rings. These are usually gold, platinum and gem stones. Sometimes I sell a token engagement ring - when a young man wants to give a ring as a promise to buy something better together!

For anyone wanting an engagement or wedding ring in the traditional style - this can be bought at Grays Antiques - where I have my shop. For anyone wanting a modern design - can I recommend Atelier - who have a shop in Newark. They have a beautiful selection - and will also make to order - you can even design your own! See their website - their website is here - do take a look!