Saturday, 19 May 2012


People often ask me if I collect any special items of jewellery. Well yes and no! I like to have an example of things that interest me - often keeping pieces that might have a damage. I like to see how things are made. It is very useful to have these examples so you know what something should look like! Sometimes I wear a piece a couple of times and can then part with it - or even just keep it for a few weeks - then put it into the shop. I love bakelite bangles and do have and wear some of these - I just love the feel of them! I do have a small collection of Czech brooches - probably made by Neiger in the 1920/30's. They are in the Egyptian Revival style and are made of glass and brass (to immitate jade, coral etc.) These are now very difficult to find so I am very glad that I have kept some! There are also Oriental examples of these brooches - and I am quite happy to sell these! The picture is of one of my pieces and I am afraid it is not for sale! However I have some examples of Egyptian Revival in the shop - and on the web site - my website is here - do take a look. You can also see me on Facebook and Twitter.