Sunday, 27 May 2012


This stunning pendant - possibly from the 1970's - is a glorious shade of yellow - and has a raised small red disk on the front with two black lines running through. It comes with a long gilt chain - but could be worn on a short chain or a torque. Wonderful for the summer- light to wear. Price £85.00 Ref: 2108 B75/12. Do visit my shop at Grays Antiques if you can - near Bond Street Tube Station in central London. See me on Facebook and Twitter. web site - see it here for a look at a few items from my vast stock!

Thursday, 24 May 2012


I am not a tennis enthousiast - but this is a brooch for someone who is! It is Art Deco - possibly on chrome - and depicts a stylish lady in a red and white outfit. She is holding some bunting and there are three balls at the bottom. The colour are in enamel paint. With Wimbledon coming up this would make a wonderful present. Ref: 2103 B81/49. Price £75. See my stock on my web site click here- and see me on Facebook - Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery. Visit me at Grays Antiques in central London if you can.

Saturday, 19 May 2012


People often ask me if I collect any special items of jewellery. Well yes and no! I like to have an example of things that interest me - often keeping pieces that might have a damage. I like to see how things are made. It is very useful to have these examples so you know what something should look like! Sometimes I wear a piece a couple of times and can then part with it - or even just keep it for a few weeks - then put it into the shop. I love bakelite bangles and do have and wear some of these - I just love the feel of them! I do have a small collection of Czech brooches - probably made by Neiger in the 1920/30's. They are in the Egyptian Revival style and are made of glass and brass (to immitate jade, coral etc.) These are now very difficult to find so I am very glad that I have kept some! There are also Oriental examples of these brooches - and I am quite happy to sell these! The picture is of one of my pieces and I am afraid it is not for sale! However I have some examples of Egyptian Revival in the shop - and on the web site - my website is here - do take a look. You can also see me on Facebook and Twitter.

Thursday, 17 May 2012


I love rings and usually have plenty in the shop. I do not sell precious jewellery so these are usually silver or some sort of plastic. I am very fond of bakelite, celluloid, lucite and more modern plastics. I also like 20th century silver rings. Some of the Czech rings with glass stones are particularly beautiful and I always buy them when I can. I do not sell engagement or weddings rings. These are usually gold, platinum and gem stones. Sometimes I sell a token engagement ring - when a young man wants to give a ring as a promise to buy something better together!

For anyone wanting an engagement or wedding ring in the traditional style - this can be bought at Grays Antiques - where I have my shop. For anyone wanting a modern design - can I recommend Atelier - who have a shop in Newark. They have a beautiful selection - and will also make to order - you can even design your own! See their website - their website is here - do take a look!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Here's a very pretty Czech glass, Art Deco necklace. It is called 'Peking glass' because it was made to immitate jade. It is possible to build up a set of Peking glass jewellery - and it looks lovely in the summer! Price £95. Ref: 2084 B87/34. See my web site for full details - my website is here - and see me on Facebook - Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery. I have a shop at Grays Antiques near Bond Street Tube Station in central London.

Sunday, 6 May 2012


This stylish marcasite bracelet is quite wide. It is rhodium plated so has not tarnished. It is in very good condition and is well made! See full description on my web site my website is here - and see me on Facebook or Twitter - Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery. The price is £88 and the reference 2078 B79/44. If you can visit my shop at Grays antiques you will see a large selection of vintage jewellery and acccessories at Vintage Modes.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Love this Art Deco marcasite double clip brooch. Set with marcasite stones and just so Art Deco. It's useful because you can wear it night or day, casual or dressy. It comes apart into two dress clips which can be worn in lots of ways (see Dress Clips on my web site - there are some hints how to wear them). Description of what marcasite is - on the glossary section of my web site - my website is here - price £145 ref: 2073 B79/38. Or see me at Grays Antiques (Vintage Modes) in central London.